BE THE STAR OF YOUR SHOW (Keynote 45-60 minutes)

Taiia is conducting a star search—but she’s not looking for the next singer, actor or athlete.

In her message, Be The Star of Your Show, Taiia challenges students to discover, explore and unleash their star power, but more important, to set goals, make a commitment and develop a plan for success.


They don’t hopelessly float through life, complain about mistakes they’ve made in the past or harp on their flaws.

Nobody is perfect.

Every student can be a star. They just need motivation, supporters to hold them accountable and resources to help them reach their highest potential.

It’s a subject Taiia knows all too well. She grew up as a shy girl, and was overlooked to make an important speech at her sixth grade graduation. She had two choices: continue to fit the shy girl mold or figure out who she really was.

Students will leave the assembly or conference with a sense of purpose, excitement and ability to confidently answer the question: What’s your plan?

Be The Star of Your Show Workshop

This workshop isn’t an audition for a school play or an open mic night, but it’s about searching for and discovering each student’s individual star power.

This is the philosophy: Stars aren’t born, they’re created and they work hard on that thing—the X factor—that makes them special.

And it all starts with a plan, a blueprint for moving from your current situation to your ideal situation.

Taiia uses pop culture touchstones and personal stories to encourage students to design and implement a road map for achieving a major goal, like creating the next must-have app, launching a skateboard line, opening a clothing store, building a robot, becoming the head chef at a trendy restaurant, or simply improving their grades in school.